Nisga'a Nation

5200 Skateen Avenue, New Aiyansh, BC
Earl Munroe, Director of Public Works

There are four communities in the Nisga Nation (listed below) and there is a Treaty in place for these lands.

Contact Valerie Doolan for the Gingolx community at or  Her number is 250-326-4212

AREA visited two of the 4 communities in August 2015.  The New Aiyansh community is the largest and has very few stewarded products that require recycling in the community.  The New Aiyansh landfill is located about 10 km east of the community on the left side of Nisga Highway.  The landfill has a large collection of used tires that will need disposal - see photos.

The Nisga contract with Allen's Scrap & Salvage Ltd in Terrace (250-638-6378) to remove vehicles and other metal products from the community.  Contact Tom Earl at Allen's for recycling information.  Alllen's is a member of AREA and have an excellent system for recycling and managing hazardous materials removed from products.

The New Aiyansh refuse site provides recycling for batteries, electronics, tires, vehicles and white goods.


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