Nak'azdli First Nation

284 Kwah Road, Fort St James
Nicolette or Leonard

The community is adjacent to the centre of Fort St James.

There are another 10 to 20 ELVs through the community and a few white goods - less than 20.  There are about 40 ELVs adjacent to the COOP near the Tachie Road Junction and about 10 near the entrance to Ft St James. 

Housing and Operations Manager of the Community is vacant.  Nicolette is the Band Manager and Leonard Thomas is the Economic Development Officer.  Met Leonard at the 2015 ABM.

There is a Bottle Depot in FT ST James and the community has a grant from MMBC.  The Bulkley Nechako Regional District operate a Refuse Site about 2km to the west of Fort St James.  Vehicles, tires and other metal products could be delivered to Komar Towing in Fort St James.  Komar Auto Recycling is about 5km north of Fort St James and the recycler has equipment to transport ELVs and other recyclables from the community.  Contact Dale at Komar Towing at 250-996-2206 to have vehicles removed.

There are a number of recycling options for the community and the program offered by MMBC in the community has provided a positive impact on the community.



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