Moricetown, British Columbia

I talked to the owner of the Moricetown Indian Reserve mechanical shop and dismantling yard.  I met with Adam Gagnon and had a lengthy conversation and partial site assessment of the property.  He has numerous issues that he will have to address in the future should he want  legitimate crusher to work on his site.  The issues include;

1-            Failure to capture ODS.  He stated he doesn’t and won’t collect ODS.  It’s not his job.

2-            Reuses antifreeze but doesn’t remove it all.  Only what he can use.

3-            Waste Oil.  He removes it but has no use for it currently and gives away what he can.  Uses 5 gallon buckets for storage.

4-            Mercury Switches – has never removed them and won’t.  Not his concern.

5-            Wind Shield washer fluid.  He laughed.

6-            Batteries.  Sells them to a guy in a white truck.

7-            Currently has over 400 tires.  Converts them to planters and gives them to the local auto derby.  Be doesn’t care what they do with them after.

In the past he has apparently crushed hundreds of cars using whoever gives him the best price.  Both Schnitzer (AMIX) and Richmond Steel have crushed on his property.  After sometime and persistent questioning by me to get his name he told me to leave.  I have some photos that I will download and send to you.  There is another property near Adam’s, apparently a relative that has another 100 vehicles.  No one was home and I did not enter the property to take photos.

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