Moricetown, BC
250-847-2133 ext: 265
Clayton Michell

The community has a lot of recyclable products in the community.  There are at least 3 properties that have a significant volume (over 200) of end-of-life vehicles with evidence that automotive recycling is occurring on some of the sites - see photos.  White goods, appliances and tires are through-out the community.

The Bulkley Nechako Regional District operate a Refuse Site about 40km to the south east in Smithers.  The RD Refuse site had a location for batteries, tires and other stewarded products.  Vehicles, tires and other metal products could be delivered to Harris Auto Wrecking with permission. Harris Auto Wrecking Ltd (250-847-2114) in Smithers is about 35km from Moricetown and the recycler has equipment to transport ELVs and other recyclables from Moricetown.

Other recyclable products should be taken by the depots in Smithers for integration into the different stewardship programs. 

Clayton Michell is the Maintenance/Buildings Manager for the Moricetown Band.  He was not available during the visit to the Band Office.

Moricetown is a community that would benefit from a recycling program that was integrated with the recycling programs and depots in Smithers.  Moricetown will need to designate an area where vehicles and other stewarded products can be stored until removal to Smithers.  There are lots of recyclable products around houses that could be cleaned up easily.  The removal of the vehicles from the automotive recyclers will be a greater challenge for the band.

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