Kitwanga, BC

There has not been any contact with the Kitwanga band office (closed during visit in 2015). 

The community is does not have a lot of recyclable products in the community and the Regional Distrit of Kitimat-Stikine operate a Refuse Site about 10km to the north on Hwy 37 - see photo.  The RD Refuse site had a location for batteries, tires and other stewarded products.  There were a number of tires at the Refuse site - see photo but not a lot of other stewarded products (eg white goods) as they may have recently been removed.

There are no auto recyclers in the area with distances to Terrace and Smithers about 100km either way.  There is a recycler in Hazelton (Seeley Lake Service and Towing) that must be avoided as the recycler cannot demonstrate compliance to Federal or Provincial recycling laws.  Good recyclers for automobiles are Allen's Scrap & Salvage (250-638-6378) in Terrace and Harris Auto Wrecking Ltd (250-847-2114) in Smithers. 

Other recyclable products should be taken by the community to the RD's Refuse site for integration into the different stewardship programs.

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