Lake Babine First Nation - Fort Babine

Fort Babine, BC
Bernard Partick

Community in the Lake Babine First Nations - The band office was closed during the visit in 2015.

While quite isolated, the community was very clean with very few ELVs and virtually no recyclabes in the community. 

Vehicles, tires and other metal products could be delivered to Harris Auto Wrecking with permission. Harris Auto Wrecking Ltd (250-847-2114) in Smithers is about 110km from Fort Babine and the recycler has equipment to transport ELVs and other recyclables.

Other recyclable products should be taken to depots in Smithers for integration into the different stewardship programs or the Bulkley Nechako Regional District operates a Transfer Station about 100km south of Fort Babine near Telkwa.

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